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Digestion Vessels & Accessories

sc475,Polypropylene Digestion Vessels

SC475 Polypropylene Digestion Vessels

  • Certified for low metals background
  • Lined closure system ensures leak-free performance with no contamination
  • Highly accurate graduation eliminate need for graduated cylinders
  • Compact packaging reduces shipping costs

SC475 digestion vessels provide premium performance in your SC154 HotBlock™, SC100 HotBlock or AutoBlock™. These vessels are molded of clarified homopolymer polypropylene assuring higher working temperatures and greater chemical resistance than the commonly used co-polymer polypropylene. Vessels are graduated to 50mL and have a total 68mL capacity.  The molded-in graduations are extremely accurate.  Analysts can easily reproduce volumes to within 0.5% mrrting the quantitative demands of the laboratory.  Using the vessels' graduations for sample measurement not only reduces the need for graduated cylinders and volumetric flasks, but also eliminated sample transfers.  This results in a "one-cup" system that greatly reduces labor and costs associated with metals perperation.  The 33mm threaded cap is lined with a 0.040" polyethylene faced foam liner for a leak-proof seal. Only the metals-free polyethylene liner contacts the sample, not the cap itself.

Ribbed Watch Glasses
44mm ribbed watch glass fits all 50mL digestion vessels. Polypropylene construction is naturally free of contaminants. Ribbed design allows partial reflux during digestion. Watch glass has a center stem to aid in handling.

44mm Watch Glass
Pack of 1,000
52mm Watch Galss (fits 125mL vessel)
Pack of 500
Ribbed Watch Glasses &  Reflux Caps
Reflux Cap
Special cal has a 0.5" hole in its center to allow the addition of reagents while cap remains in place on the SC475 digestion vessel.  Refluz cap therefore does not have to be removed during digestion process.  Cap is not ribbed, but rather fits over the top of the SC475 digestion vessel to maintain a centered position.  Tests have shown equal reflux between SC506 reflux and SC505 watch glass.

Reflux Cap
Pack of 1,000
Specialty Digestion Vessels Specialty Digestion Vessels
For non-routine applications, a variety of special vessels are available to fit the HotBlock™.  Please note that these vessels may not accommodate the FilterMate™ filter device.

Catalog Number
Disposable Glass Vial, Case of 432
Grade GE124, Quartz, 4" Tall
Borosilicate Glass, 4.5" Tall
Borosilicate Glass, 7" Tall
Molded PFA, with Screw Cap
Polymethylpentene Cup for Higher Temperatures